Testimonial – 518

“After my father passed, there was an overwhelming amount of things to handle.  I dreaded having to go through everything in the house and decide what to do with all his belongings.

I found Accredited Estate Sales through a Google search and after sending an email, Anna got back to me immediately.  She is incredibly easy to work with and both friendly and very professional. She and her team did a great job of getting the items set up for the sale.  There were so many great things they found to sell that I wouldn’t even have noticed. I thought the prices assigned to the items were very fair to both me and the buyers.  I got my portion  of the sale money within less than two weeks after the sale.

Getting my Dad’s estate settled has taken a lot of work and a lot of help from others.  Anna made the sale and cleaning out of his possessions the easiest part of the whole process.  She was able to handle any problem or question that came up during the sale.

I am so glad I chose her and her team!”