About Us

AES pic (2)Accredited Estate Sales is a family owned and operated full service estate liquidation company focusing on making your life changing transition as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Accredited Estate Sales, LLC is an accredited associate professional company with the American Society of Estate Liquidators. We bring honesty, integrity, knowledge and pride to our sales creating the perfect recipe for a successful sale.

We deliver exceptional service, crafted to suit your specific needs.  Each sale is different from one another just like people and we feel comfortable and confident in handling every situation.  We treat each sale (and house) as it was our own so our clients are happy and feel confident referring us to their friends and family.

We take pride in the way our sales look not only for the customer shopping experience but also for the clients bottom line.  When we shop we like an organized, bright, enjoyable shopping experience so that’s what we give our customers when we setup our sales.  We move furniture, stage rooms, setup tables for displaying smaller items and all items are priced just like you’d find in a boutique.  We make it an enjoyable experience for everyone!


Integrity – This industry is weighted on referrals and customer satisfaction, a happy customer means a successful sale and more business!  Honesty is a huge part of this business, you not only have to trust me in your home with all of your belongings, you also must trust me to honor our agreement as we do you.  We won’t just tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you our honest opinion at the free consultation – if we think you have enough items worth having a sale and can possibly give you an experienced based guesstimate of what we think your sale might do – of course there is no guarantee.

Passion – We truly love what we do!  We love meeting new people – we love being in new places – we love helping people – we always love a good deal – and we love passing on something someone doesn’t need to someone that will treasure it and seeing the excitement it brings.  It truly is enjoyable for us.

Creativity – This job allows us to be creative with our setup and how we display items to be seen and sell the best!  This is a huge part of getting things sold – the more you can see the more you can sell.

Quality – We take great pride in our sales.  It’s not just a sale for us – every person that walks through the door is a potential client so quality in our display and setup is important.

Professionalism – As previously mentioned we take pride in everything we do… from the way we look to the way we straighten our table cloths – it has to be above standard for us to be happy with it, it’s just the type of people we are.  We will treat your home better than our own and with the utmost respect.  We have a fantastic team that works great together!  We have fun when we work but never losing sight of why we’re there.

Accredited Estate Sales
has brought the perfect combination of knowledge, hard work and integrity to meet and exceed our clients expectations.  If you have any questions or would like a free consultation feel free to contact us anytime.  We’re here and happy to help!

Contact us for more information at (678) 310-4542 or send us an email.
Email:  AccreditedEstateLiquidators@gmail.com