Downsizing/Moving at any age

moving_5Are you planning to downsize or move and realize it’s just too much work or that it just won’t all fit!

Accredited Estate Sales, LLC  would be happy to meet you at the potential sale site for a free consultation to help you determine if an estate sale is right for you.

If you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment or moving out of state and plan on buying new furniture once you get there OR if you’re moving to independent living or an assisted living facility etc. you might really need the help of experts to assist you with downsizing.

If you’re selling the majority of your household content (living room furniture, bedroom suites, TV’s/electronics, rugs, décor, art, clothes/shoes, appliances, kitchen items, china sets, garage stuff, etc.) then an estate sale is perfect for you.  If you have some of these items but not all please give me a call and let’s talk, an estate sale could still be good for you.

Is an Estate Sale right for my downsizing needs…

  • Downsizing to a much smaller place (Apartment, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Smaller House, etc.)
  • Need to sell the majority of your household content (furniture, décor, appliances, etc.)
  • If you estimate having over $8k worth of household content to sell.