What is ASEL?

Accredited Associate of the American Society of Estate Liquidators. The American Society of Estate Liquidators is the #1 Estate Sales Association in the U.S. since 2001. All members agree to observe and be dedicated to the following principles and policies:

1) HONEST & FAIR REPRESENTATION- to honestly represent professional competency, qualifications, facilities, & capabilities.


3) ACCEPTANCE OF ASSIGNMENT only under my qualifications.


5) DUE DILIGENCE- to take steps reasonably necessary to determine a fair liquidation value on personal property to be sold.

6) FEES – to charge a fee based on a fair value for my services.


8) ACCOUNTABILITY– to be responsible and accountable for errors on my behalf or on the behalf of my employees, to correct and make right quickly and emphatically.

9) EXPECTATIONS– to ensure expectations are clearly communicated in writing via contract.

10) HONESTY- to present a true picture of capabilities and Client’s personal property in advertising.

11) TRUSTWORTHINESS- to be honest and trustworthy at all times.








Do I have enough valuable items to hold an estate sale?
Yes, if all the following are true
1. You want to sell items from all, or most, rooms in your house
2. You have a good mix of items (appliances, electronics, furniture, tools, ect.)
3. The estimated value of your items is greater than $8,000

Can't I save money by doing an estate sale myself?
 Sure, if you have the time, knowledge, physical ability and skill to devote to the project/event in order for it to make you the same kind of money… But it doesn’t take much to go wrong for an estate sale to become a nightmare.

Instead, let our experience in research, planning, and marketing guide you toward a successful outcome.  Read some of testimonials and let us do the work and make the money for you.

How much does Accredited Estate Sales, LLC charge for its services?
 There are no upfront fees. We are paid on commission. Our rate varies between 30-35% depending on the services you choose.  At the end of the sale, our commission is deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

Is the estate sale held before or after we move out?
The best time to have your sale is after you’ve moved out. It can be very hard to live in an environment where/when an estate sale is taking place due to the staging that happens for the sale. We move everything around, set up a lot of tables, use counter space in every possible way leaving little ‘livable’ space. Although, we have done sales where the homeowner was still living in the house they often wish they would’ve been moved out first. In such case we’ll ask you to have ALL of your items moved or put away in a closed off bathroom, closet, room, attic, etc. where customers cannot get to them. We DO NOT want to accidently sell something you want to keep!

Does Accredited Estate Sales leave the house cleaned out?
Yes, we offer a clean out service however it’s not a requirement in order to have a sale.  Our clean out service leaves your house empty.  We remove everything including the trash!

What do we do with all the stuff left over after the sale?
You the homeowner get to determine that… You can either keep everything (or just some pieces) or you can have us “clean out” the house. This service is $500 and includes us packing and moving everything left over (even the big stuff) to the garage (or a designated area) for charity to pickup along with coordinating with charity to pickup the remaining items.